Welcome to the Kids of Faith Learning Center where we promote family togetherness and a strong Co-Parenting relationship to provide you with the best care specific to you and your child’s needs.

It is our mission to integrate each child into a loving and learning environment that will prepare them for school and the world around them. With our trained staff we’ve prepared a special curriculum that will help them grow in many aspects mentally, physically, socially and more. We know kids love to learn and we’re prepared to teach!

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As the closest childcare facility to the Dyess Airforce Base, we proudly support our troops and thank them for their sacrifice to our country. We take pride in the diverse group of children here that we call “The Kids” and their families which also helps us implement the teachings of acceptance for all!

The success of not just our Kids, but also their families means everything to us so we offer services like: before and after school pick up, tailored meal plans, etc. all at affordable rates.