Search our medical news database advanced search register login hot topics hiv/aids neuroscience gene therapy depression diagnostics more home newsletter for purchase medical topics products about us contact verticalnews infectious diseases new infectious diseases data have been reported by researchers at university of helsinki published in tb and outbreaks week , august 21st, 2012 2012 aug 21 (newsrx) -- by a news reporter-staff news editor at tb & outbreaks week -- investigators discuss new findings in infectious diseases. buy viagra canada According to news reporting from helsinki, finland, by newsrx journalists, research stated, "sindbis virus (sinv) is a mosquito-borne alphavirus found in eurasia, africa, and oceania. Clinical sinv infection, characterized by arthropathic disease that may persist for years, is primarily reported in northern europe where the disease has considerable public health importance in endemic areas. viagra viagra food " the news correspondents obtained a quote from the research from the university of helsinki, "the aim of this study was to investigate the role of genetic factors in the susceptibility and outcome of sinv infection and to elucidate the association between sinv infection and autoimmunity. buy generic viagra canada online The study included 49 patients with serologically confirmed symptomatic sinv infection who were followed for 3 years after acute infection. buy viagra online Human leukocyte antigen (hla) genes known to be associated with rheumatic and infectious diseases and complement c4 genes were determined in 35 patients. viagra daily long Furthermore, a set of autoantibodies was measured at the acute phase and 3 years after infection in 44 patients. The frequency of drb1(star)01 was significantly higher among patients with sinv infection than in the reference population (odds ratio, 3. 3; 95% confidence interval, 1. 7-6. 5; p =. viagra sales canada 003). The drb1(star)01 allele was particularly frequent in patients who at 3 years postinfection experienced joint manifestations. generic viagra online The frequency of rheumatoid factor at 3 years postinfection was 29. viagra canadian pharmacy 5% and had increased significantly (p =. viagra viagra or viagra which is better 02) during the 3-year period. viagra sales canada In addition, antinuclear and antimitochondrial antibodies were present in serum 3 years postinfection with frequencies of 15. viagra sales canada 9% and 6. 8%, respectively. Our data show that symptomatic sinv infection is associated with the hla system and that autoantibody titers are elevated in patients 3 years postinfection. " according. cheap viagra You need to install Flash Plug-in in order to view Flash content on this website correctly. Click Here to install Flash Plug-in.   Power by A4DeskPro Website Builder